Technology Integrations

Technology Integrations for Ecommerce and More!

Many businesses feel stuck with their technology solutions. Uneducated decisions led to buy-in to sometimes expensive systems that might not have been the right choices for the business. Reinvestment can seem daunting, even though the current system is causing more work, frustration and even the inability to grow the business.

Common Scenarios

You invested in an a beautiful, expensive website, but now you need it to integrate with your accounting system. Unfortunately, the system that powers the website site is proprietary to the company you used, so to get this need met, you need to invest a huge amount of money to custom build it. If you want to leave and use another solution, you have to start from scratch. The company is holding you hostage.

You want to add an ecommerce sales channel to your business, but you don’t have the manpower and know how to make it work with your point of sale systems, merchant accounts, accounting systems, and shipping platforms.

You’re ancient server died. You really don’t know what it was doing for you anyway, but your IT company wants to sell you an expensive new one. Terms like “cloud solutions” “offsite backups” and “firewalls” make your head spin. What the heck is the right choice for you?

Populuxe Marketing Technologists have the unique combination of understanding both front and back end needs. With over a decade of experience working with businesses of all sizes, we are uniquely positioned to help you make the smart choices that will keep your business growing. We look toward what needs might come up in the future, and make sure we leave you room to grow, without having to start from scratch. Best of all, we never hold you hostage. We use open source, non proprietary technologies so you have the freedom to work with other companies if you need to . You won’t need to, though. We see our clients as friends and partners, not just a line item on a spreadsheet. Your success keeps us growing too.